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Wedding cake bud strain

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Wedding Cake is more than a sweet treat; it’s a balanced hybrid sure to excite the senses. Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake is the delectable cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. If you haven’t met either, then you’ll want to attend the next parent-teacher conference

Pink Cookies is a Hybrid that draws its appearance from the Girl Scout Cookies lineage concerning bud structure. The dense nugs are packed tightly and covered with orange hairs. One look at the bud and you know it’s a top-shelf strain.

If cannabis had a flavour hall of fame, it would, without a doubt, feature Wedding Cake. The strain received its name thanks to a unique taste that resembles a dessert more than cannabis. Right off the bat, a strong fruity and sweet flavour blankets the tongue. It’s smoke also carries a vague hint of earthy pepper, but it’s no match for the dominant flavours. Some users may find the smoke to be a little harsh, but the taste and texture nullify any negatives.

Wedding Cake is a bit of a deceptive strain. Some find it to be more of a creeper, while others notice the mind right away. Pink Cookies is a moment enhancer in the purest form. From the onset of the high, the reaction of the senses to stimuli intensifies. An evening walk through a park becomes a richer experience. You may notice the leave gently falling from trees as the winter approaches. Or the patterns in flowers, and how they react to the amber setting sun. You may even notice the sweet scent from a small blueberry bush, nestled behind an oak tree 20 feet away.

Regardless of the environment,

As previously mentioned, Pink Cookies has a potential creeper status. But once the high does hit, the Indica lineage becomes apparent. Sedation courses through the body, releasing tension and sagging stiff muscles. Its body high, coupled with cerebral stimulation, produces a euphoric state that lasts a couple of hours. Users tend to enjoy mentally activating activities such as working on puzzles, playing music, drawing or reading.

However, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. A heavy dose of Wedding Cake may lead to a drowsy state.

Pink Cookie offers relief for symptoms of PTSD. Aside from PTSD, the strains sedation reduces chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia in large doses.

If your stash is missing a top-shelf strain that’s packed with flavour,  say “I Do” to Wedding Cake. Marriages aren’t all built to last, but love, at first sight, is another story. buy wedding cake online

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